Publikationen von Dr. Alexander Tonkikh


  • J. Schilling, V. Talalaev, A. Tonkikh, B. Fuhrmann, F. Heyroth, and M. Otto
    Enhanced non-radiative recombination in the vicinity of plasma-etched side walls of liminescing Si/Ge-quantum dot structures
    Applied Physics Letters 103, 161106 (2013)
  • Victor-Tapio Rangel-Kuoppa, Alexander A. Tonkikh, Peter Werner and Wolfgang Jantsch
    Electron and hole deep levels related to Sb-mediated Ge quantum dots embedded in n-type Si, studied by deep level transient spectroscopy
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 232106 (2013)
  • V.Ya. Aleshkin, A.A. Dubinov, M.N. Drozdov, B.N. Zvonkov, K.E. Kudryavtsev, A.A Tonkikh, A.N. Yablonskiy, and P. Werner
    Structural and Optical Properties of GaAs-Based Heterostructures with Ge and Ge/InGaAs Quantum Wells
    Semiconductors 47, 636-640 (2013)
  • A.A Tonkikh, C. Eisenschmidt, V.G. Talalaev, N.D. Zakharov, J. Schilling, G. Schmidt, and P. Werner
    Pseudomorphic GeSn/Ge(001) quantum wells: Examining indirect band gap bowing
    Applied Physics Letters 103, 032106 (2013)


  • Tonkikh A.A., Zakharov N.D., Novikov A.V., Kudryavtsev K.E., Talalaev V.G., Fuhrmann B., Leipner H.S., Werner P. ISb mediated formation of Ge/Si quantum dots: Growth and properties.
    Thin Solid Films 520 (8), 3322-3325 (2012)
  • Talalaev V.G., Tonkikh A.A., Zakharov N.D., Senichev A.V., Tomm J.W., Werner P., Novikov B.V., Asryan L.V., Fuhrmann B., Schilling J., Leipner H.S., Bouraulev A.D., Samsonenko Yu.B., Khrebtov A.I., Soshnikov I.P., Cirlin G.E. Light-emitting tunnel nanostructures based on quantum dots in a Si and GaAs matrix.
    Semiconductors, 46 (11), 1460-1470 (2012)


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