Dr. Kerstin Mitzschke

Scientific Coordination
Light to Silicon / Silicon to Light

Telephone: 0345 – 55 25 602
Email: kerstin.mitzschke(at)natfak2.uni-halle.de
Fax: 0345 – 55 27 223

Kerstin Mitzschke obtained her physics diploma from the Technical University “Carl Schorlemmer” Leuna-Merseburg, Germany, in 1988. During this time she worked in the field of small-angle-scattering of x-rays on multiphase systems consisting of particle with an anorganic core surrounding of an organic shell.

After her study she worked in several institutions and companies, for example, as project manager in a company of the field of environment.

Since 2001 she worked as project coordinator in the pediatric clinic of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg. 

In 2003 she moved within the University from the medical to the scientific faculty. In the department of physics, special field optics, she engaged with laser-applications and nonlinear optical spectroscopy. She investigated nonlinear optical processes in 2D photonic crystals in the IR spectral range. In 2007 she obtained a PhD.

From August 2009  to April 2012 she worked at the ZIK SiLi-nano® as scientfic coordinator.

In May 2012 she moved to the study deanery of the faculty.



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