14.12.2011: Advisory council meeting on December 14, 2011

In the meeting of the advisory council of ZIK SiLi-nano® on December 14, 2011, the current state of research and the strategic development of the ZIK will be presented. Furthermore, industrial applications of the research results will be discussed.


2 PM
Greeting / current state of ZIK

2:20 PM
Scientific highlights of the junior research groups

3 PM
talks of the PhD students

3:20 PM
Visiting the labs in TGZ III

4 PM   Break

4:30 PM
Strategic development of ZIK (Prof. Wehrspohn)

4:45 PM
Discussion of the recent advances in development of ZIK, Questions of the external advisory council concerning

  • strategic development
  • setting of scientific focus
  • industrial applications

6 PM   Conclusion


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