Dr. Manuela Miclea

Senior Scientist
Light to Silicon

Email: manuela.miclea(at)physik.uni-halle.de

Dr. Manuela Miclea is working as PostDoc at the Centre for Innovation Competence SiLi-nano® since September 2009. She received her doctoral degree in 2001 in the field of Plasma Physics and Laser Spectroscopy from the University of Bucharest, Romania. She worked in the last years in research fields like: short and ultrashort material laser processing, optical spectroscopy, plasma physics and analytical spectroscopy.

Her main field of investigations in this project is the spectroscopic characterization of rare earth glasses and glass ceramics by time resolved optical spectroscopy. Her research will bring knowledge about the energy transfer processes in the samples and the efficient conversion of light. Moreover, processing of these materials with ultra short pulsed lasers and investigations of their nonlinear features belong also to her future tasks.



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