18.11.2014: Advanced Optical Materials [2195-1071] yr:2014, 12.11.2014

"Second-Order Optical Nonlinearity in Silicon Waveguides: Inhomogeneous Stress and Interfaces" by Clemens Schriever, Federica Bianco, Massimo Cazzanelli, Mher Ghulinyan, Christian Eisenschmidt, Johannes de Boor, Alexander Schmid,...

18.11.2014: ACS Photonics [2330-4022] yr:2014 pg:141014132442001

"Nanospectroscopic Imaging of Twinning Superlattices in an Individual GaAs-AlGaAs Core–Shell Nanowire" by Alexander V. Senichev, Vadim G. Talalaev, Jörg Schilling et al.

10.11.2014: Five years Centre for Innovation Competence (ZIK) ZIK SiLi-nano®

The Centre of Innovation Competence (ZIK) SiLi-nano ® looked back on five years of successful research on July 16th-17th and took this as occasion to organize an international colloquium in the Leopoldina, the German National...

05.11.2014: November 2014, Smallest Christmas greeting of the world

The smallest Christmas greeting of the world is written by the Centre of Innovation Competence (ZIK) SiLi-nano on a grain of sand…In: Unternehmen Region, Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Hrsg.), Ausgabe 3/2014, S. 4

28.06.2013: SiLi-nano Scientists win Price at the Shortfilm-Festival "Nanospots"

Dr. Pfiffig shows how nano particles are put to use.

12.06.2013: New Funding for Centres for Innovation Competence

Two Centres for Innovation Competence in Halle recieve a new funding of several Million Euro for microstructure research.

05.02.2013: Strategy-Workshop in Wernigerode

Looking deep into a grain of sand

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