Publikationen von Prof. Dr. Jörg Schilling


  • M. Schade, B. Fuhrmann, C. Bohley, S. Schlenker, N. Sardana, J. Schilling, and H. S. Leipner
    Regular arrays of Al nanoparticles for plasmonic applications
    J. Appl. Phys. 115, 084309, (2014)


  • J. Schilling, V. Talalaev, A. Tonkikh, B. Fuhrmann, F. Heyroth, and M. Otto
    Enhanced non-radiative recombination in the vicinity of plasma-etched side walls of liminescing Si/Ge-quantum dot structures
    Applied Physics Letters 103, 161106 (2013)
  • A.A Tonkikh, C. Eisenschmidt, V.G. Talalaev, N.D. Zakharov, J. Schilling, G. Schmidt, and P. Werner
    Pseudomorphic GeSn/Ge(001) quantum wells: Examining indirect band gap bowing
    Applied Physics Letters 103, 032106 (2013)
  • Peter W. Nolte, Christian Bohley, and Jörg Schilling
    Tuning of zero group velocity dispersion in infiltrated vertical silicon slot waveguides
    Optics Express 21, 1741 (2013)


  • Talalaev V.G., Tonkikh A.A., Zakharov N.D., Senichev A.V., Tomm J.W., Werner P., Novikov B.V., Asryan L.V., Fuhrmann B., Schilling J., Leipner H.S., Bouraulev A.D., Samsonenko Yu.B., Khrebtov A.I., Soshnikov I.P., Cirlin G.E. ILight-emitting tunnel nanostructures based on quantum dots in a Si and GaAs matrix.
    Semiconductors, 46 (11), 1460-1470 (2012)








  • H.M. van Driel, S.W. Leonard, H.W. Tan, A. Birner, J. Schilling, S.L. Schweizer, R.B. Wehrspohn, U. Gösele
    Tuning 2D Photonic Crystals
    Proc. of SPIE,5511 p. 1-9 (2004)
  • T.M. Geppert, S.L. Schweizer, J. Schilling, C. Jamois, A. v. Rhein, D. Pergande, R. Glatthaar, P. Hahn, A.Feisst, A. Lambrecht, R.B. Wehrspohn
    Photonic crystal gas sensors
    Proc. of SPIE, 5511: p. 61-70 (2004)


  • G. von Freymann, W. Koch, D.C. Meisel, M. Wegener, M. Diem, A. Garcia-Martin, S. Perreira, K. Busch, J. Schilling, R.B. Wehrspohn, U. Gösele
    Diffraction properties of two-dimensional photonic crystals
    Applied Physics Letters 83, 614-616 (2003)
  • C. Harnagea, M. Alexe, J. Schilling, R.B. Werhspohn, D. Hesse, U. Gösele
    Investigations of mesoscopic ferroelectric structures prepared by imprint lithography
    Mater. Res. Soc. Symposium Proceedings 748, 37-42 (2003)


  •  S. W. Leonard, H.M. van Driel and J. Schilling
    Ultrafast band-edge tuning of a two-dimensional silicon photonic crystal via   free- carrier injection
    Physical Review B  66, 161102 (2002)
  •  M. Steinhart, J. H. Wendorff, A. Greiner, R. B. Wehrspohn, K. Nielsch, J.  Schilling and J. Choi
    Polymer nanotubes by wetting of ordered porous templates
    Science  296,  pp 1997  (2002)
  • J. Schilling, F. Müller, R.B. Wehrspohn, U. Gösele, and K. Busch
    Dispersion Relation of 3D Photonic Crystals Based on Macroporous Silicon
    Materials Research Society Symp. Proc. 722, San Francisco, USA , 01. -
    04.04.2002 , pp L6.8.1-6 (2002)
  • H.M. van Driel, S. W. Leonard, J. Schilling
    Tuning of 2d silicon photonic crystals
    Materials Research Society Symposia Proceeding  722, San Francisco, USA, 01. - 04.04.2002, pp L3.1.1-8  (2002)
  • J. Choi, J. Schilling, K. Nielsch, R. Hillebrand, M. Reiche and R. B. Wehrspohn
    Large-area porous alumina photonic crystals via imprint method
    Materials Research Society Symposia Proceeding 722, San Francisco, USA, 01. - 04.04.2002, pp  L5.2.1-6  (2002)



  • J. Schilling, R. B. Wehrspohn, A. Birner, F. Müller, R. Hillebrand, U. Gösele, S. W. Leonard, J.P. Mondia, F. Genereux, H.M. van Driel, P. Kramper and V.  Sandoghdar
    A model system for two-dimensional and three-dimensional photonic crystals: macroporous silicon
    Journal of Optics A: Pore Appl. Opt.  3,  pp 121-132  (2001)
  • J. Schilling, A. Birner, F. Müller, R. B. Wehrspohn, R. Hillebrand, U. Gösele, K. Busch, S. John and S. W. Leonard
    Optical characterisation of 2D macroporous silicon photonic crystals with
    bandgaps around 3.5 and 1.3 µm
    Optical Materials  17,  pp 7-10  (2001)
  • R. B. Wehrspohn,  J. Schilling
    Electrochemically prepared pore arrays for photonic-crystal applications
    Materials Research Society Bulletin  August 2001,  pp 623-626  (2001)
  • Wehrspohn, R. B., K. Nielsch, A. Birner, J. Schilling, F. Müller and A.-P. Li
    Electrochemically prepared high-aspect-ratio highly ordered pore arrays and applications
    198th Meeting, The Electrochemical Society, Phoenix, Arizona, 22.-27.10.2000 pp 168  (Eds.) Schmuki, P. and Lockwood, D.J. and Ogata, Y.H. and Isaacs, H.S.,  Phoenix/Arizona, USA  (2001)




  • Method of varying optical properties of photonic crystals on fast time scales using energy pulses
    S.W. Leonard, H.M. van Driel, J. Schilling, R. Wehrspohn, S. Senz, U. Gösele
    US2003202728, CA2382955
  • Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur qualitativen und quantitativen Bestimmung von Gasen und Flüssigkeiten mit PBG-Struktur
    A. Feist, A. Lambrecht, J. Schilling, F. Müller, R. Wehrspohn
    DE 10063151.7, WO0250514, US2004069948, EP1344046





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